Press Release Writing and Distribution

PharmerDon, Inc uses a professional journalist with extensive writing experience to produce a well formatted, easy to read and designed to get attention. Once written, we will the distribute the press release online for you and provide you with a copy you can provide to the local media in your community.

Why do you need to do a press release?

A well written press release attracts attention to your pharmacy and the services it has to offer. We include a link to your website in the press release. Submitting a press release online helps improve the  visibility of your website as people visit after reading the press release. Also, the links from the press release help improve the rankings of your website.

When is a good for a press release?

You can use a press release anytime but the best results are usually when there is a special event such as:

  • Opening a new pharmacy or a new location
  • Launching a website, Facebook page or other online presence
  • Having a sale
  • Beginning to offer a new product or service.

So next time you have something new or special happening with your pharmacy, make sure you do a press release.