Drug Coupons Page

Independent pharmacies from New York to Florida to California have been excited about our drug coupons page.  We have compiled a list of manufacturer supported coupons and loyalty programs. We periodically update this list removing old programs and adding new ones.

You are probably very familiar with the copay assistance cards the doctors. Many of these same offers are available online at the manufacturer websites. In fact there are well over 100 such programs available online. We have simply complied a list and put it together in one location that you can place on your website.

As you can imagine this is a very valuable asset to have on your website. Your customers will thank you for providing an easy source of money savings coupons. The medical offices in your community will be bookmarking your website for easy reference. In fact this one page on your website could bring in new customers in droves.

If this is the type of information you want to offer on your website then PhamerDon, Inc is the only place to get it. Our drug coupons page is a PharmerDon, Inc exclusive and it is included in every website we build and host.

If you already have your own website and you want to add this page to it then we are offering it as an add on to your existing site. Take a look and see the list here. 

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