So much information, so little time. Such is the case when trying to keep up with all the developments in pharmacy and medicine. Add to that the local news, national news, politics, sports and any hobbies which may interest you and it can seem overwhelming. How can you possibly keep informed without spending all day on the computer going from site to site to get your information? How much easier would it be if it all your favorite news sources came to you? How much better if you could access everything you want to follow wherever you are and with whatever device you may have available?

Enter Feedly which will aggregate content from all your favorite news sites and display them on you computer, or iPhone or Android device. What makes this service (app) awesome is the ability to take all your favorite news feeds, aggregate them into one place, organize them how you like and display them on virtually any device.  You pull in only the information you want to read and leave out all the unnecessary ones.

Feedly is fairly simple to use. The first thing you want to do is create and account by going to http://feedly.com/ and begin adding news feeds to your account. You can take the content and organize it by subject or interest making the information you are interested in at the time easy to find.

Once you have set up all your favorite sources, reading is easy. Your news feeds are all listed with a headline and a brief description. Clicking on an item opens it up providing more text. If  you choose to read the entire article, simply click on it again and you are taken to the article source.

Feedly is also a great tool for sharing interesting articles on social media. In just a couple clicks you can share an article you are reading on Feedly to your Facebook account, Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ and more.

If you are struggling to read all the news and information you are interested it, then trying Feedly my be your solution.  If you already use Feedly and have some tips or you have another favorite tool, please share it below in the comments.