In this video I will cover basic off page SEO for an independent pharmacy website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of employing techniques that help a website rank higher in the search engines when specific search terms are entered in the search field.

There are two types of SEO. These are on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO involves adjusting factors on the website itself to help improve rankings. Off page SEO utilizes building appropriate inbound links to the website in order to improve the websites ranking.

In our experience, if on page SEO is done correctly for an independent pharmacy website, it will sometimes rank well for the selected search terms without having to do much, if any, off page SEO.

In this training I am going to make the assumption that your website creator has already completed on page SEO and you need to employ off page SEO to get your site to rank.

Your website needs to have links from other websites to yours. Why? Well the search engines see links form a website to yours as a vote of approval for your site. They look at the content of the linking site and the context of the text surrounding the link to determine the relevance of your website. As a result you want to have links to your site from related websites whenever possible.

If you have a local pharmacy website, here are some places where you need to create an account then add or update your business information and create a link to your website.

Google+ Local:

Google accounts for 2/3 of all searches online. As a result it is essential to get your pharmacy website listed on Google+ Local. But since Google pulls information form other source on the internet, here is a good chance your pharmacy is already listed there. To check this go to and search for your pharmacy.

If you find your pharmacy listed then you want to scroll down the page and you will find a button on the bottom right that says: Is this your business? Manage this page. If your pharmacy is not listed then go to

In either case, you will want to prepare a brief 200 character description of your pharmacy and services. You will also want to have up to 6 good photographs or graphics/logo on your computer and ready for uploading. Just follow the instructions on the page and you should be done in a very short time. Make sure you add a link from Google+ Local to your website. If people find you on Google+ Local, you want them have the ability to click through to your site where you have even more information about your pharmacy, it’s staff and services.

 The Independent Pharmacy Directory:

When it comes to relevant websites, this one tops the list. With thousands of independent pharmacies across the country listed, there is a large number of people using this resource to find an independent pharmacy near their home, work or travel destination.

This website allows you to add several paragraphs of text as well as list your services. Also, the site offers a premium listing which places your listing in the top of the search queries and makes your pharmacy a featured listing in the selected category. The featured listings also allows you to link to your website, Facebook page and Twitter account, upload images an more.

Because this directory includes only pharmacies and excludes the chains this is an essential place to have your pharmacy listed. At minimum, you definitely need to get a free listing and if you feel that you need extra help with search engine optimization, or if there’s a lot of competition in your neighborhood, you might want to consider getting a premium listing.

You want to start by searching for your pharmacy to see if it is already listed. If you find it then simply click the claim listing button and enter the requested information. If you can’t find your pharmacy then you can use this link and add your pharmacy.


Yelp was created to connect people with local businesses. They do this using the Internet, iPhone, blackberry and android apps. Every business owner can create a free account to add photos and to message their customers. Get started using this link

Once you are there search for your pharmacy to see if it is already listed. If you find it you can click the unlock button that corresponds to it. If your business is not listed click the “add your business to yelp” link at the bottom of the list. Adding information is just a matter filling out the form. When you’re done just hit the add button at the bottom.


Like Yelp foursquare helps connect businesses and people. They also have apps for the iPhone android and blackberry and they make it easy sign up, using Facebook to create account. To get started go to and search for your business. If you find your business there will be a link in small print on the bottom right-hand side of the website that says “do you manage this business?” Claim here. From there you can just enter your business information.


So there you have a brief explanation of off page SEO for independent pharmacy websites. The sites listed are the top places to create an account and get your independent pharmacy website isted to help improve your rankings in the search engines.