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Pharmacy Allergy Promotion

One thing that sets independent pharmacy apart from the big chains is the ability to create a marketing campaign very quickly. With spring allergy season in full swing and this year promising to be especially difficult for allergy sufferers, this promotion has the potential to bring in several new loyal customers.

First, take a look at your cost for a 30 day supply of OTC loratidine and cetirizine. Decide which one (or both) you want to use in this promotion.

Then, wright a “Dear Doctor” letter in your own words with a coupon at the bottom of the page.

The letter could read something like this.

Dear Doctor,

This allergy season is shaping up to be a very bad season. I am sure you are already aware of this and are seeing lots of patients looking for relief. Our pharmacy is here to help you treat your patients effectively and keep their costs down. To prove it we will be happy to provide a FREE one month supply of over the counter loratidine or cetirizine when your patient fills thier prescription of Flonase, Singulair, Nasonex or any other allergy medication you provide for them.


Just give the coupon below to your patient with their prescription, or fax the prescription to us with the coupon at (fax number)


Thank you.




sign your name


Put coupon below letter.



Fax the letter to all the local doctors, especially the asthma and allergy doctors.


There you have it. An easy but effective ad campaign.
Make sure you track how many new patients you get from this campaign.


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