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We are the independent pharmacy owner’s complete online marketing solution. We focus on creating and marketing your Pharmacy website so that your Pharmacy can get a strong online presence.

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PharmerDon, Inc understands what it takes to develop a professional easy to use website that engages your customers and quickly gives them what they are looking for. Any website design company can build a  website for your pharmacy. A website by PharmerDon, Inc brings an understanding of retail pharmacy to your website. We know what it is like to manage a pharmacy, fill prescriptions and counsel patients in addition to building a website.

“The independent pharmacist has spent a lot of time and resources to establish an individual identity. Their website has to capture those unique characteristics in an attractive, well organized and easy to use design that builds on the brand already established”

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Online Marketing For Independent Pharmacy

Online Marketing For Independent Pharmacy

Needless to say running an independent pharmacy has an endless number of challenges. Today's world is changing constantly and trying to keep up with just the pharmacy aspect is difficult. Add to that running a small business and trying to keep up with technology and...

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An Easier Way to Stay Up To Date on the Internet

An Easier Way to Stay Up To Date on the Internet

So much information, so little time. Such is the case when trying to keep up with all the developments in pharmacy and medicine. Add to that the local news, national news, politics, sports and any hobbies which may interest you and it can seem overwhelming. How can...

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Basic SEO for Pharmacy Websites

Basic SEO for Pharmacy Websites

  In this video I will cover basic off page SEO for an independent pharmacy website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of employing techniques that help a website rank higher in the search engines when specific search terms are entered in the search...

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